The Bones: Us and Our Dice (Print + PDF)

The Bones: Us and Our Dice (Print + PDF)

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The Bones is a wonderful and entertaining read for anyone who has ever gamed. You’ll smile as you recognize the victories in getting the perfect roll at the right time and commiserate with the low roll that caused everything to fall apart. In between, you’ll laugh and maybe even learn something.

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The Bones

Edited by Will Hindmarch

Written by Keith Baker, Jason L Blair, Greg Costikyan, Ray Fawkes, Matt Forbeck, Pat Harrigan, Jess Hartley, Fred Hicks, Will Hindmarch, Kenneth Hite, John Kovalic, James Lowder, Russ Pitts, Jesse Scoble, Mike Selinker, Jared Sorensen, Paul Tevis, Jeff Tidball, Monica Valentinelli, Chuck Wendig, and Wil Wheaton

Including interviews with Irving Finkel, Scott Nesin, and Cardell Kerr

ISBN 13: 978-0-9818840-1-1
ISBN 10: 0-9818840-1-6
6x9 inches • 224 pages • softcover
$18.95 (US)

About the Book

This isn’t about math. It’s about unlucky breaks and victory against all odds.

This isn’t about percentiles and probabilities. It’s about late-night game-ending rolls where everything hinges on that climactic moment when one single die skitters across the table and determines the fate of a hero, a city, an empire…

The Bones gathers writing about fandom and family—about gamers, camaraderie, and memories— and ties them together where they meet: our dice. These are essays and anecdotes about the ways dice make us crazy, about the stakes we play for and the thrill we get from not knowing what the next roll will bring.

Step back and look at how we play with dice.